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The following items are free for the download.  Keep in mind that although these are free, any and all donations will go to support our ongoing "Support our Troops" efforts.  Contact me directly via e-mail link on left side of page.

Great to enhance either your "Support our Troops" or "Tea Party" movement or activity.  These are posters I've personally designed over the past years during my vigil.  As you can see in the photo immediately below, they are easy to ready and add cohesion to the event.

Suggested use:   Many of the signs visible in the picture were printed directly from an ordinary ink jet printer, fastened to the supportive background with spray adhesive which is then covered with the "clear" low adhesive shelf liner available at most hardware stores.  Such a sign or banner will provide a couple years or more of good service in robust weather. Note that there is now a very robust Ink-Jet paper available which is very water resistant and long lasting.

The resolution is such that they can also be printed via commercial signage companies. 

Webmaster: Andy Stevens


Free artwork.  Click on picture below to download!
The master artwork is in high resolution, of substantial size for many of the signs in the above photo. 
Click on your choice of any of the desired signs, banners, or posters below to open in your browser... or to download, right click and choose "Save as" or "Save target as" from the menu.


This Flyer and the one directly below can be customized
for your particular event.  Simply e-mail us with the time, date and location of your rally and it will be returned to you via
E-mail in a PDF format, ready to print.
Contact:  andy@go-patriots.com

223 Flyer 01


The signs below are set up to be printed in an 18" x 24" format.
Simplly click on the poster of your choice and it will take you to a page where the large scale full size poster can be downloaded.
I had these printed on a special paper which i then glued to heavy stock, i.e. used yard election yard signs using a scotch spray adhesive from Ace Hardware.  I also bough a can of clear spray witch I used to treat the surface for weather proofing.  Thats a "on the cheap" solution.  The alternative is just go for profession print on plastic stock.
Contact:  andy@go-patriots.com

2nd Amendment rights

New!  Free McCain / Palin artwork.  Click on picture below to download!

Remember.... War is a dangerous and unfortunate business and often "unhealthy".  Thankfully our strong and brave military has historically protected our shores and kept evil and violent regimes from destroying a fragile order abroad.  We've known a "Healthy" and prosperous peace here for that reason.

This sign recognizes peace and the loyal patriots that defend it each day with their guts, determination and lives.

While freedom is not,  this sign is free for the asking.

Feel free to copy it, download it and pass it around.  If you would like a large full size poster or a master file which you can use to print your own, please contact us directly using the E-Mail link on the left side of the page.

.... webmaster: Andy Stevens




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