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Current Issue:  September 25th,  2018

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WEDNESDAY - September 26, 2018


Greetings once again from The Association Of Jingoistic Old White Guy Xenophobic Fossil Fuel Users Of West Texas




Doesn't it strike you as a bit unusual that while the story and accusations of Christine Blasey Ford start to fall apart that suddenly we have another accuser, Deborah Ramirez, has come forth and accused Brett Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a party when Judge Kavanaugh was a Freshman at Yale.  Let's see now:  Christine Blasey Ford's accusation allegedly occurred 36 years ago and Deborah Ramirez's  accusation allegedly occurred a bit more recent... 35 years ago.

Boy, both these squacks got right on top of getting this information out didn't they.

Now we have to listen to people like Mazie Hirono and  Kirsten Gillibrand  and Kamala Harris  and Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer ask this question:

"If  the  event didn't happen,   WHY would she put herself through all of this?"

When I hear these learned folk ask this RATHER  STUPID  QUESTION, I have to wonder if everyone in their families is as butt ignorant as they appear to be?


This whole fiasco is  nothing more than an attempt to scare the crap out of an already frightened group of Republican Senators into holding off on a confirmation vote until after the Mid-Term Elections at which time the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists are convinced that they are going to take control of The House and The Senate.


Let's get back to the RATHER STUPID QUESTION of "WHY?"


And let's take it back to the very first day of the Senate Confirmation Hearings on Judge Kavanaugh.  From the starting gun,  Senator Grassley (R-IA)  allowed  the people testifying at the hearing to be interrupted by loud demonstrators in the audience.  Although on the second day,  the screaming demonstrators were removed fairly rapidly by security,  I believe that had Grassley done the right thing, he would have closed the hearing chamber to the public in order to expedite the procedure.  BUT  Senator Grassley basically showed his weak resolve when he did not shut it down immediately.  I am not advocating closing the hearings as the television and other media vermin would still have been allowed in order to make the hearings public.


The same group of idiots were wondering WHY these demonstrators were so vocal unless they had a real  reason to interrupt the hearings.


Now let us address what I believe the real reasons were not only for the demonstrations but for these alleged complaints to even be given any credence at such a late stage of the confirmation process:   The question is WHY would Blasey-Ford or this Ramirez heifer come forth to allege sexual harassment by Brett Kavanaugh after 36 and 35 years respectively, if the allegations were not true?   The answer is rather simple.... I SUBMIT  THAT  BOTH  EITHER HAVE  ALREADY  RECEIVE  OR  HAVE  BEEN PROMISED  MONEY for their accusations.  AND  I  HAVE  WATCHED  VIDEO REPORTS AND WATCHED INTERVIEWS WITH PEOPLE WHO WATCHED THE DEMONSTRATORS GET PAID CASH FOR THEIR STUPID  ACTIONS.


I am pretty sure that most of you have read numerous articles and stories about Christine Blasey Ford's connection with pro-abortion groups and pharmaceutical companies.  I am equally sure that her involvement with these particular groups is a bit more than a passing fad.   I read where Ramirez's  memory had to be  refreshed due to the fact that she was inebriated on the night of her alleged sexual assault.   She is also requesting an F.B.I. Investigation into her allegations as is Ms. Blasey-Ford.


I must tell you all at this point, that investigating a sexual assault complaint, with no physical evidence, the day after it occurred is no easy task, particularly if there are no witnesses other than the complaining witness.   Investigating such a complaint 35 years after it allegedly occurred is damn near impossible.


I am not sure of just how many sexual assault or rape cases that Diane Feinstein or Chuck Schumer or Kirsten Gillibrand or Kamala Harris  or Joe Biden have investigated, but I will bet that the number that I have investigated will dwarf all of their investigative experiences in this area combined.


What is really sad about this whole affair is that the Republicans as a whole don't have the guts to stand up and recognize just exactly what the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists are up to and put them in their proper place.


Almost every day Blasey-Ford comes up with some new demand before she will agree to testify.  Many people might want to know WHY?   And the answer to that is fairly obvious.   She is really not interested in appearing before the Judicial Committee and having to testify UNDER  OATH.


Then we hear that  her attorney has requested another extension of time before she will agree to testify in order that SHE  MAY   PREPARE to tell her story.   This brings me to believe that this is just another stall technique designed to postpone the vote until after the Mid-Term Elections which the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists are convinced that they will take control of both Houses of Congress.



And one final observation regarding this Kavanaugh affair.   I watched  part  of  an interview  conducted by FOX News in which the reporter doing the interviewing of Judge Kavanaugh and his wife was Martha MacCallum.   You could tell that Judge Kavanaugh  was  embarrassed  about having to answer  personal questions and having to have his wife go through this mess.


It is also really obvious that the RULE  OF  LAW  that the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists claim to support has been dumped in favor of  something  approaching the Salem Witch Trials.  How about bringing out the dunking stool for Judge Kavanaugh?   In case  some may not be familiar with the  trials held prior to  the adoption of our Declaration of Independence and our United States Constitution,   when  someone was accused of being  a  witch or a sorcerer, they were either burned at the stake OR tied to a seat at the end of a long pole to be submerged under water.   If you were  a  Witch,  you did not drown or burn to death.    If, on the other hand, you did burn to death OR  drown then  there had obviously been a mistake.... but of course it was too late then.  This seems to be  the  idea of justice supported by the left wing loons not only on the Judicial Committee but by Democrats/Progressives/Socialists in general.


I am not sure whether or not  either of these women will appear before the Committee  and if they do not, then there should be NOTHING to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from being approved as our next Supreme Court Justice.   If  the Senate Republicans allow the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists to get away with their character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh then our entire process of choosing and confirming Supreme Court Justices is in danger.


Perhaps these same Democrats/Progressives/Socialists will advocate bringing back the dunking stool.




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An excellent example of the path down which our country is heading is exemplified by a story I heard yesterday morning on one of the radio news reports.  According to this story, some group has obtained hair samples from Michael Jackson,  Bob Marley,  and Jimi Hendrix and individual hairs will be sold at an auction so that the DNA of these three "Super Stars" can be maintained.   Then, according to this story,  when human cloning becomes legal,  these three fine examples of humanity can be reproduced.


I'm sorry but I do not think that reproducing any of these three jerks holds  my interest for very long..... that is unless there is a shortage of child molesters, heroin addicts and Che Guevara supporters.


If N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo gets re-elected, he has promised to sign into law  SAFE  ACT 2 which would impose incredibly more strict regulations on firearms owners in the State of New York.  Here are just a few of the restrictions imposed by this proposed new law:


MICROSTAMPTING:  Requires all semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in Yew York State to be capable of producing a unique alpha-numeric or geometric code on at least two locations on each cartridge case expended from such pistol.  It will be a Class D  felony if you willfully deface microstamping component.


SAFE  STORAGE:  Requires that weapons be stored with a safety locking device or in a safe storage depository when left outside the immediate possession or control of the owner or other lawful possessor.  Failure to do so will result in a Class A  misdemeanor.  This includes houses without children and as such only serves to delay the ability to defend yourself against home invaders.


FIFTY CALIBER BAN:  Bans the possession, sale or transfer of 50 caliber or larger weapons.


GUN DEALER INSURANCE:  Requires the imposition of restrictive business practices, recordkeeping and reporting for lawful gun dealers including requiring that every dealer carry insurance coverage against liability (at least $1 million per incident) for damage to property and for injury or death of any person resulting from the sale, delivery, lease or transfer of a firearm, rifle, or shotgun.  (The costs will ultimately fall on the law abiding consumer)


PROHIBITS SALE OR TRANSFER IN N.Y. OF GUNS THAT ARE NOT  CHILD PROOF:   Prohibits the sale or transfer of a "Child Operated Firearm" as a pistol or revolver which does not contain a childproofing device, which would prevent an average five year old from operating it.


30 DAY LIMIT ON GUN PURCHASES:  Prohibits a person from purchasing more than one firearm from a dealer within a 30 day  period.  Prohibits a dealer from selling or transferring a firearm to a person who has purchased or taken possession of a firearm within the previous 30 days.   Requires dealers to request approval for sale from the Division of Criminal Justice Services.


10 DAY WAITING PERIOD ON GUN PURCHASES:  Prohibits a person from taking possession of any firearm from a dealer unless 10 days have elapsed from the date the dealer initiated the NICS Background Check System of the purchaser and has received notice that the purchaser has passed all background checks required by federal, state and local law.


AMMUNITION  CODING:   Requires every manufacturer to code any ammunition for handguns and assault weapons. "Coded Ammunition"  means a bullet carrying a unique identifier that has been applied by etching onto the base of the bullet projectile........Most bullet manufacturers are not going to make special New York bullets so the availability of ammunition in the Empire State will decrease dramatically.  But that is pretty much the goal gun controllers are aiming for.


REDUCES  PISTOL PERMITS FROM 5 YEARS TO 2 YEARS:  Requires that all pistol permit licenses expire every two years rather than the present 5 year term.


I am sure that career criminals will abide by these more strict firearms laws and that crime in the State of New York will cease to exist.


I heard last week that ultra liberal comedian Chevy Chase, former Saturday Night Live player made some recent statements about today's version of Saturday Night Live being really sub par.   While I don't agree with Chevy Chase on many issues, I sure do on his assessment of the present Saturday Night Live being way below what it once was.  During the early days/years of the show I really thought they did some really funny stuff with comedians like:  Dan Akroyd,  Jane Curtain, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray,  Garrett Morris, and later on Eddie Murphy and Dana Carvey and a few others.  Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain did a Saturday Night Live parody of the CBS News Point/Counter Point that was one of the funniest skits I have ever seen.  And Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosanna Dana was superb.  How about Eddie Murphy in Buhwheat Sings and Dana Carvey as Church Lady?   There was one old bit where they were conducting a talent contest in a prison and Garrett Morris sang "I'm Gonna'  Buy Me A Shotgun And Kill All The Whiteys I See."  It seems as if the old group of comedians could poke racial humor and not be considered racist.  And how about the "Bass-O-Matic"  Commercial?

It is sad to see the direction that humor and talent has taken over the past few years.  Comedians are not funny.  Actors are not believable.  Movies depend upon special effects rather than good scripts and good character portrayals.   AND, I read this morning in the (Sub) Standard Times that Mel Gibson is doing a remake of the old Sam Peckinpah film,  "The Wild Bunch."  Now here is the cast of the Original "Wild Bunch" Movie:

William Holden

Ernest Borgnine

Robert Ryan
Edmond O'Brien

Ben Johnson

Warren Oates 
Emelio Fernandez

Jaime Sanchez
Strother Martin

L.Q. Jones

Bo Hopkins

Dub Taylor

Of course most if not all of these actors are dead and gone but I think trying to re-make "The Wild Bunch"  would be like trying to re-make "Shane" or "Treasure Of The Sierra Madre"  or "The Mark Of Zorro"  or  ANY of Errol Flynn's old swashbuckler movies.  I'm not sure it can be done with any degree of credibility.  But I could be wrong... NAH.











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